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man page of wdq2wav

wdq2wav: convert a WinDAQ file channel to a wav file


wdq2wav - convert a WinDAQ file channel to a wav file


wdq2wav [OPTIONS] windaq-file channel-number wav-file


wdq2wav extracts a channel from a WinDAQ file and produces a .wav file. If the command line parameters of the windaq-file, channel-number, and wav-file are not given, then the program will prompt the user to enter those values when the program is run.


-p Play channel through audio system -m Do not demean. (Don't subtract the mean of the samples from each sample.) -z Scale the .wav file output *without* preservation of the zero value -v Verbose mode -q Quiet mode -h Show summary of options. -r Show version of program.
wdq2wav and this manual page were written by Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>. March 5, 2003 WDQ2WAV(1)

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