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man page of wavpack

wavpack: encode wav files to wavpack

wavpack - encode wav files to wavpack
wavpack [-options] INFILE... [-o OUTFILE]


wavpack encodes wav files containing uncompressed audio (or raw PCM data) into WavPack files using the options provided. The resulting filename will be source-name.wv unless overridden with the -o switch. Multiple input files may be specified resulting in multiple WavPack files, and in that case -o may be used to specify an alternate target directory. Stdin and stdout may be specified with "-". To decode WavPack files back to wav or raw PCM use the wvunpack program.


-a Adobe Audition (CoolEdit) mode for 32-bit floats -bn enable hybrid compression, n = 2.0 to 23.9 bits/sample, or n = 24-9600 kbits/second (kbps) --blocksize=n specify block size in samples (max = 131072 and min = 16 with --merge-blocks, otherwise 128) -c create correction file (.wvc) for hybrid mode (results in 2-file lossless compression) -cc maximum hybrid compression (hurts lossy quality & decode speed) --channel-order=list specify (comma separated) channel order if not Microsoft standard (which is FL,FR,FC,LFE,BL,BR,LC,FRC,BC,SL,SR,TC,TFL,TFC,TFR,TBL,TBC,TBR); specify "..." to indicate that channels are not assigned to specific speakers, or terminate list with "..." to indicate that any channels beyond those specified are unassigned -d delete source file if successful (use with caution!) -f fast mode (fast, but some compromise in compression ratio) -h high quality (better compression ratio, but slower encode and decode than default mode) -hh very high quality (best compression, but slowest and NOT recommended for use on portable playback devices) --help display extended help -i ignore length in wav header (no pipe output allowed) -jn joint-stereo override (0 = left/right, 1 = mid/side) -m compute & store MD5 signature of raw audio data --merge-blocks merge consecutive blocks with equal redundancy (used with --blocksize option and is useful for files generated by the lossyWAV program or decoded HDCD files) -n calculate average and peak quantization noise (hybrid only, reference fullscale sine) --no-utf8-convert don't recode passed tags from local encoding to UTF-8, assume they are in UTF-8 already --pair-unassigned-chans encode unassigned channels into stereo pairs -p practical float storage (also 32-bit ints, not lossless) -q quiet (keep console output to a minimum) -r generate a new RIFF WAV header (any extra RIFF info in original file will be discarded) --raw-pcm intput data is raw pcm (44,100 Hz, 16-bit, 2-channels) --raw-pcm=sr,bits,chans intput data is raw pcm with specified sample-rate, bit-depth, and number of channels (specify 32f for 32-bit floating point data) -sn override default hybrid mode noise shaping where n is a float value between -1.0 and 1.0; negative values move noise lower in freq, positive values move noise higher in freq, use 0 for no shaping (white noise) -t copy input file's time stamp to output file(s) --use-dns force use of dynamic noise shaping (hybrid mode only) -w "Field=Value" write specified text metadata to APEv2 tag -w "Field=@file.ext" write specified text metadata from file to APEv2 tag, normally used for embedded cuesheets and logs (field names "Cuesheet" and "Log") --write-binary-tag "Field=@file.ext" write the specified binary metadata file to APEv2 tag, normally used for cover art with the specified field name "Cover Art (Front)" -x[n] extra encode processing (optional n = 1 to 6, 1=default), -x1 to -x3 to choose best of predefined filters, -x4 to -x6 to generate custom filters (very slow!) -y yes to all warnings (use with caution!)


wvunpack(1), wvgain(1) Please visit www.wavpack.com for more information


This manual page was written by Sebastian Droge <slomo@debian.org> and David Bryant <david@wavpack.com>. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the BSD License.
Sebastian Dr"
Copyright (C) 2005 Sebastian Droge Copyright (C) 2009 David Bryant 2009-10-17 WAVPACK(1)

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