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wallpaper: Find images which can be used as wallpapers


wallpaper - Find images which can be used as wallpapers


wallpaper [ OPTIONS ] FILE ...
This script tests if an image is usable as a desktop wallpaper. A list of image types and a minimum and a maximum width and aspect ratio can be specified. If a file passes all the tests, it is returned to stdout.
This is just a short manpage written for the Debian package of wondershaper because the original version lacks a manpage. See /usr/share/doc/wallpaper/ for more information.


-w --min-width Set the minimum width. Defaults to 780. -x --max-width Set the maximum width. Defaults to 4000. -a --min-aspect Set the minimum aspect ratio. Defaults to 1.30. -b --max-aspect Set the maximum aspect ratio. Defaults to 1.36. -X --exclude Set the exclude file type list. Defaults to "". -I --include Set the include file type list. Defaults to "JPEG,PNG,GIF,GIF87". -v --verbose Print additonal info to stderr. --help Print a help text and exit. --version Print the version and exit.


wallpaper was written by Jan Kandziora <jjj@gmx.de>. Look for updates at <//www.cgarbs.de/stuff.en.html>.


wallpaper is licensed under the GNU GPL. WALLPAPER(1)

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