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man page of w3camd

w3camd: A simple web camera daemon


w3camd - A simple web camera daemon


w3camd [-v] [-p port] [-h host] [-m connections] [-s size] [-i tv|comp1|com1|s-video ] [-d <device> ]


w3camd A simple daemon to read from a web camera.


-v verbose mode -p # port number (default: 8999) -h host host name to bind to (default: localhost) -m # max connections to serve (default: 10) -s #x# size of image -i input 0=TV, 1=comp1, 2=comp2, 3=s-video -d dev camera device, default: /dev/video0
Rasca, Berlin <thron@gmx.de> //home.pages.de/~rasca/ w3camd is published under the GNU General Public License This manual page was written by Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> for the Debian/Ubuntu distributions but may be used by others. W3CAMD(1)

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