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vcrop: crop an image


vcrop - crop an image


vcrop [-option ...] [infile] [outfile]
vcrop crops a file of images using a cropping rectangle specified by command line options.
vcrop accepts the following options: -help Prints a message describing options. -in infile Specifies a Vista data file containing the input images. -out outfile Specifies where to write the cropped images as a Vista data file. -top row Specifies the first (top) row of the cropping rectangle. -bottom row Specifies the last (bottom) row of the cropping rectangle. -left col Specifies the first (leftmost) column of the cropping rectangle. -right col Specifies the last (rightmost) column of the cropping rectangle. -height nrows Specifies the height of the cropping rectangle. -width ncols Specifies the width of the cropping rectangle. The cropping rectangle must be unambiguously specified by using any two of -top, -bottom, and -height, plus any two of -left, -right, and -width. The cropping rectangle may fall partially or completely outside an image it is cropping; in that case, the area outside is filled with zeros. Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams.


vxcrop(1Vi), VImage(3Vi), Vista(7Vi)


Ralph Horstmann <horstman@cs.ubc.ca> VCROP(1)

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