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man page of vboxctrl

vboxctrl: control vbox functions


vboxctrl - control vbox functions


vboxctrl [{-c | -r}] {-a | -n | -p | -j} [-s spool] vboxctrl -v


vboxctrl controls a number of vbox functions. The user's password is asked before performing the requested action. OPTIONS -c, --create Creates a control file. -r, --remove Removes a control file (default). -n, --answernow Control file "vboxctrl-answernow". -a, --answerall Control file "vboxctrl-answerall". -p, --stop Control file "vboxctrl-stop". -j, --reject Control file "vboxctrl-reject". -s, --spooldir Spooldirectory in which to create/remove control files. -v, --version Displays package version. -h, --help Displays a usage message. The spool directory is taken from one of the following: 1 the default builtin value 2 The value of the environment variable VBOXSPOOL, if set. 3 The directory of the command line option "--spooldir".
vbox(1), vboxd(8)
This manual page was written by Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux. VBOXCTRL(1)

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