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man page of varnishreplay

varnishreplay: HTTP traffic replay tool


varnishreplay - HTTP traffic replay tool
varnishreplay [-D] -a address:port -r file
The varnishreplay utility parses varnish logs and attempts to reproduce the traffic. It is typcally used to warm up caches or various forms of testing. The following options are available: -a backend Send the traffic over tcp to this server, specified by an address and a port. This option is mandatory. Only IPV4 is supported at this time. -D Turn on debugging mode. -r file Parse logs from this file. This option is mandatory.


o varnishd(1) o varnishlog(1)


The varnishreplay utility and this manual page were written by Cecilie Fritzvold and later updated by Per Buer.


This document is licensed under the same licence as Varnish itself. See LICENCE for details. o Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Varnish Software AS


Cecilie Fritzvold, Per Buer VARNISHREPLAY(1)

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