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man page of vanessa_socket_pipe

vanessa_socket_pipe: Trivial TCP/IP pipe based on libvanessa_socket

vanessa_socket_pipe - Trivial TCP/IP pipe based on libvanessa_socket


vanessa_socket_pipe [options]


A TCP/IP pipe is a user space programme that listens for TCP/IP connections on port on the local host and when a client connects makes a connection to a TCP port, possibly on another host. Once both connections are established data sent on one connection is relayed to the other, hence forming a bi-directional pipe. Uses include enabling connections to specific ports on hosts behind a packet filter. This code is intended primarily as an example of how many of the features of libvanessa_socket work.


-c|--connection_limit: Maximum number of connections to accept simultaneously. A value of zero sets no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. (default 0) -d|--debug: Turn on verbose debuging to stderr. -h|--help: Display this message. -L|--listen_port: Port to listen on. (mandatory) -l|--listen_host: Address to listen on. May be a hostname or an IP address. If not defined then listen on all local addresses. -n|--no_lookup: Turn off lookup of hostnames and portnames. That is, hosts must be given as IP addresses and ports must be given as numbers. -O|--outgoing_port: Define a port to connect to. If not specified -l|--listen_port will be used. -o|--outgoing_host: Define host to connect to. May be a hostname or an IP address. (mandatory) -q|--quiet: Only log errors. Overriden by -d|--debug. -t|--timeout: Idle timeout in seconds. Value of zero sets infinite timeout. (default 1800) Notes: Default value for binary flags is off. -L|--listen_port and -o|--outgoing_host must be defined.


Simon Horman <horms@verge.net.au> 12th February 2001 VANESSA_SOCKET_PIPE(1)

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