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v.support: Updates vector map metadata.


v.support - Updates vector map metadata.


vector, metadata


v.support v.support help v.support [-r] map=name [organization="phrase"] [date="datestring"] [person="phrase"] [map_name="phrase"] [map_date="datestring"] [scale=integer] [zone=integer] [thresh=float] [comment="phrase"] [cmdhist="command"] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -r Replace comment instead of appending it --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=name Name of input vector map organization= Organization where vector map was created date= Date of vector map digitization (e.g., "15 Mar 2007") person= Person who created vector map map_name= Vector map title map_date= Date when the source map was originally produced scale=integer Vector map scale number (e.g., 24000) zone=integer Vector map projection zone thresh=float Vector map digitizing threshold number (e.g., 0.5) comment= Text to append to the comment line of the map's metadata file cmdhist= Command line to store into vector map history file (used for vector scripts)


v.support is used to set/update vector map metadata.
# update scale to 1:24000 v.support myvectmap scale=24000 # update organization v.support myvectmap organization="OSGeo labs" v.info myvectmap
v.build, v.info


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