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v.split: Split lines to shorter segments.

v.split - Split lines to shorter segments.


vector, geometry


v.split v.split help v.split input=name output=name [length=float] [vertices=integer] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: --overwrite Allow output files to overwrite existing files --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: input=name Name of input vector map output=name Name for output vector map length=float Maximum segment length. vertices=integer Maximum number of vertices in segment.


v.split split vector lines into shorter segments using a maximal distance between nodes.


Spearfish location: # insert kilometric nodes to railroad map: v.extract railroads out=myrr list=1 # join segments into polyline v.build.polylines myrr out=myrr_pol v.category myrr out=myrailroads option=add # show line, category, direction (to find the beginning) d.vect myrailroads disp=shape,cat,dir # insert nodes at 1000m distance (max) v.split railroads out=myrailroads_split length=1000 d.vect myrailroads_split disp=shape,topo
v.build.polylines, v.segment
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