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v.normal: Tests for normality for points.


v.normal - Tests for normality for points.


vector, statistics


v.normal v.normal help v.normal [-rql] map=string tests=range[,range,...] column=string [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -r Use only points in current region -q Quiet -l lognormal --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=string point vector defining sample points tests=range[,range,...] Lists of tests (1-15): e.g. 1,3-8,13 column=string Attribute column
v.normal computes tests of normality on vector points.
The tests that v.normal performs are indexed below. The tests that are performed are specified by giving an index, ranges of indices, or multiple thereof. Sample skewness and kurtosis Geary's a-statistic and an approximate normal transformation Extreme normal deviates D'Agostino's D-statistic Modified Kuiper V-statistic Modified Watson U^2-statistic Durbin's Exact Test (modified Kolmogorov) Modified Anderson-Darling statistic Modified Cramer-Von Mises W^2-statistic Kolmogorov-Smirnov D-statistic (modified for normality testing) Chi- Square test statistic (equal probability classes) and the number of degrees of freedom Shapiro-Wilk W Test Weisberg-Binghams W'' (similar to Shapiro-Francia's W') Royston's extension of W for large samples Kotz Separate-Families Test for Lognormality vs. Normality


v.random random n=200 v.db.addtable random col="elev double precision" v.what.rast random rast=elevation.10m col=elev v.normal random tests=1-3,14 col=elev computes the sample skewness and kurtosis, Geary's a-statistic and an approximate normal transformation, extreme normal deviates, and Royston's W for the random vector points.




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