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v.mkgrid: Creates a GRASS vector map of a user-defined grid.


v.mkgrid - Creates a GRASS vector map of a user-defined grid.
v.mkgrid v.mkgrid help v.mkgrid [-pq] map=name grid=rows,columns [position=string] [coor=x,y] [box=width,height] [angle=float] [breaks=integer] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -p Create grid of points instead of areas and centroids -q Quiet; No chatter --overwrite Allow output files to overwrite existing files --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=name Name for output vector map grid=rows,columns Number of rows and columns in grid position=string Where to place the grid Options: region,coor Default: region region: current region coor: use 'coor' and 'box' options coor=x,y Lower left easting and northing coordinates of map box=width,height Width and height of boxes in grid angle=float Angle of rotation (in degrees counter-clockwise) Default: 0 breaks=integer Number of horizontal vertex points per grid cell Options: 3-30 Default: 3


v.mkgrid will create a vector map representation of a regular coordinate grid. Both point and area vector grids can be created.


Grid points created with the -p flag will be placed at the center of each grid cell, not at the grid line nodes. This is NOT to be used to generate a vector map of USGS quadrangles, because USGS quads are not exact rectangles.


Make a 4x3 grid, cells 20km a side, with lower left corner at 2716500,6447000: v.mkgrid map=coro_grid grid=4,3 position=coor coor=2716500,6447000 box=20000,20000 Make a 10x12 lat/lon grid, cells 2 arc-min a side, with lower left corner at 167deg 52min east, 47deg 6min south. For use with e.g. QGIS you can then pull this grid into a projected location with v.proj before exporting as a Shapefile with v.out.ogr (within GRASS you could just use d.grid -w from the projected location for the same effect). v.mkgrid map=p2min_grid grid=10,12 position=coor coor=167:52E,47:06S box=0:02,0:02


v.patch, d.grid
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