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v.in.lines: Import ASCII x,y[,z] coordinates as a series of lines.


v.in.lines - Import ASCII x,y[,z] coordinates as a series of lines.
vector, import
v.in.lines v.in.lines help v.in.lines [-z] input=string output=string [fs=character] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -z Create a 3D line from 3 column data --overwrite Allow output files to overwrite existing files --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: input=string Name of input file (or "-" to read from stdin) output=string Name for output vector map fs=character Field separator Default: |


Imports a stream of ASCII x,y[,z] coordinates as a line or series of lines.


Input ASCII coordinates are simply a series of "x y" data points. Lines are separated by a row containing "NaN NaN". You can import 3D lines by providing 3 columns of data in the input stream and using the -z flag. This script is a simple wrapper around the v.in.mapgen module.


v.in.lines in=- out=two_lines fs=, <<EOF 167.846717,-46.516653 167.846663,-46.516645 167.846656,-46.516644 167.846649,-46.516644 167.846642,-46.516643 NaN,NaN 167.846520,-46.516457 167.846528,-46.516461 167.846537,-46.516464 167.846535,-46.516486 167.846544,-46.516489 167.846552,-46.516493 EOF v.category in=two_lines out=lines_with_cats option=add


v.in.ascii v.in.mapgen v.out.ascii d.graph r.in.poly
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