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v.db.renamecol: Renames a column in the attribute table connected to a given vector map.


v.db.renamecol - Renames a column in the attribute table connected to a given vector map.


vector, database, attribute table


v.db.renamecol v.db.renamecol help v.db.renamecol map=name [layer=integer] column=old_name,new_name [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: map=name Vector map for which to rename attribute column layer=integer Layer where to rename column Default: 1 column=old_name,new_name Old and new name of the column (old,new)
v.db.renamecol renames a column in the attribute table connected to a given vector map. It automatically checks the connection for the specified layer.
If the map table is connected through the DBF or SQLite drivers, the renaming is internally done by adding a new column with new name, transferring the contents of the old column to the new column and dropping the old column. This is needed as DBF or SQLite do not support "ALTER TABLE" command to rename columns. Due to this the renamed column is found as last column of the table, it's original position cannot be maintained. The SQLite driver will exit with an error if the column rename involves only a change of case, i.e., upper-to-lowercase, or lower-to-uppercase. The SQLite protocol considers "NAME" and "name" to be identical column names. In cases like these, the user should rename the original column to an intermediary name, then rename the intermediary to the final name.


Renaming a column: v.info -c myroads v.db.renamecol myroads column=label,roadtype v.info -c myroads


db.execute, v.db.addcol, v.db.addtable, v.db.connect, v.db.dropcol, v.db.droptable, v.db.select, v.db.update


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