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man page of v.db.reconnect.all

v.db.reconnect.all: Reconnects vectors to a new database.


v.db.reconnect.all - Reconnects vectors to a new database.


vector, database, attribute table


v.db.reconnect.all v.db.reconnect.all help v.db.reconnect.all old_database=string new_database=string [old_schema=string] [new_schema=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: old_database=string Name of old database The database must be in form printed by v.db.connect -g, i.e. with substituted variables new_database=string Name of new database old_schema=string Old schema new_schema=string New schema
v.db.reconnect.all changes database connection of all layers of all vectors in the current mapset from old_database to database. If a link does not match the old_database it is left untouched.
The value of the old_database option needs to be the exact string which appears as the fourth field printed by 'v.db.connect -g', i.e. with substituted variables.


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