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v.db.join: Allows to join a table to a vector map table.

v.db.join - Allows to join a table to a vector map table.


vector, database, attribute table


v.db.join v.db.join help v.db.join map=name [layer=integer] column=string otable=string ocolumn=string [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: map=name Vector map to which to join other table layer=integer Layer where to join Default: 1 column=string Join column in map table otable=string Other table name ocolumn=string Join column in other table


v.db.join joins the content of another table into the connected attribute table of a vector map.


v.db.join is a front-end to db.execute to allow easier usage. The vector attribute table must be stored in a SQL database (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, ...). The DBF backend is not supported. Tables can be imported with db.in.ogr. The vector map-database connection(s) can be verified with v.db.connect.
Joining the soil type explanations from table soils_legend into the Spearfish soils map (download legend): g.copy vect=soils,mysoils # import legend table db.in.ogr soils_legend.csv out=soils_legend # get join column names v.info -c mysoils db.describe -c soils_legend # look at original table v.db.select mysoils cat|label 1|Aab 2|Ba 3|Bb 4|BcB 5|BcC # look at legend db.select soils_legend db.select soils_legend | head -7 id|shortname|longname 0|no data|no data 0|AaB|Alice fine sandy loam, 0 to 6 0|Ba|Barnum silt loam 0|Bb|Barnum silt loam, channeled 0|BcB|Boneek silt loam, 2 to 6 0|BcC|Boneek silt loam, 6 to 9 # join soils_legend into mysoils attribute table v.db.join mysoils col=label otable=soils_legend ocol=shortname # verification of join v.db.select mysoils cat|label|id|shortname|longname 1|Aab||| 2|Ba|2|Ba|Barnum silt loam 3|Bb|3|Bb|Barnum silt loam, channeled 4|BcB|4|BcB|Boneek silt loam, 2 to 6 5|BcC|5|BcC|Boneek silt loam, 6 to 9
db.execute, db.in.ogr, v.db.update GRASS SQL interface


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