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v.db.addcol: Adds one or more columns to the attribute table connected to a given vector map.


v.db.addcol - Adds one or more columns to the attribute table connected to a given vector map.


vector, database, attribute table


v.db.addcol v.db.addcol help v.db.addcol map=name [layer=integer] columns=string [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: map=name Name of vector map for which to edit attribute table layer=integer Layer number where to add column(s) A single vector map can be connected to multiple database tables. This number determines which table to use. Default: 1 columns=string Name and type of the new column(s) ('name type [,name type, ...]') Data types depend on database backend, but all support VARCHAR(), INT, DOUBLE PRECISION and DATE
v.db.addcol adds one or more column(s) to the attribute table connected to a given vector map. It automatically checks the connection for the specified layer.
v.db.addcol is a front-end to db.execute to allow easier usage. The supported types of columns depend on the database backend. However, all backends should support VARCHAR, INT, DOUBLE PRECISION and DATE. The default dbf backend supports only these types. The existing database connection(s) can be verified with v.db.connect.


Adding a single column: v.db.addcol sentiero_brenta_points columns="slope double precision" v.info -c sentiero_brenta_points Adding two columns: v.db.addcol sentiero_brenta_points columns="slope double precision,myname varchar(15)" v.info -c sentiero_brenta_points


db.execute, v.db.addtable, v.db.connect, v.db.dropcol, v.db.droptable, v.db.select, v.db.update, GRASS SQL interface


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