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man page of um_mov_service

um_mov_service: change the position of a service module of umview


um_mov_service - change the position of a service module of umview


um_mov_service [-p # ] [-c hex ] newposition


This command changes the position of a service module of umview within the umview service chain. It is possible to specify the service either by its position or by its signature (an hex number): exactly only one option between -c and -p must be specified. The position and signature of a service module can be obtained by the command um_ls_module The module is moved to the new position specified in the command.


-p # specify the old position of the module to be moved in the chain of modules. -c hex specify the signature (hex number) of the module to be moved.
umview(1), um_add_service(1), um_del_service(1), um_ls_service(1), um_lock_service(1), umfuse(1viewos), lwipv6(1viewos), umdev(1viewos), umbinfmt(1viewos), viewfs(1viewos),
View-OS is a project of the Computer Science Department, University of Bologna. Project Leader: Renzo Davoli. <//www.sourceforge.net/projects/view-os> Howto's and further information can be found on the project wiki <wiki.virtualsquare.org>. UM_MOV_SERVICE(1)

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