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ukopp: copy files to USB stick or other disk or disk-like device


Ukopp - copy files to USB stick or other disk or disk-like device


ukopp [ -nogui ] [ -job | -run ] jobfile
Ukopp is a graphical menu-driven program operating in its own window. Ukopp copies the files and directories specified in the job file to disk or disk-like media (e.g. USB stick).
Ukopp works incrementally: only files that are not already identical on the target media are copied (new and modified files or files newly added to the backup job). Files/directories to include or exclude can be selected from the file system hierarchy, using a GUI navigator. Specifications are saved in a job file which can be re-edited and/or executed. Ukopp can be run in batch mode using the -nogui option. Ukopp can optionally keep old file versions instead of replacing them with updated versions. The retention time and/or the number of old versions to keep can be specified for each selected file or directory. File owners and permissions are retained even if the copy media has a Microsoft file system. Summary of functionality: - Copy files incrementally with optional file version retention. - Three media verification modes: full, incremental, compare. - Report disk:backup differences in detail or summary form. - Select and restore files from backup media or use drag and drop.


Command line options: [ -job ] jobfile open job file for editing [ -nogui ] -run jobfile execute a job file


The online user manual is available using the menu Help > contents. This manual explains Ukopp operation in great detail.


Written by Michael Cornelison <kornelix2@googlemail.com> UKOPP(1)

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