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man page of udisks-glue

udisks-glue: A tool to associate udisks events to user-defined actions


udisks-glue - A tool to associate udisks events to user-defined actions


udisks-glue [-c config-file] [-f] [-p pidfile] [-s] udisks-glue [-h]


udisks-glue listens for UDisks DBus events and reacts to them according to the configuration. -c/--config config-file Use config-file as the configuration file -f/--foreground Remain in foreground (don't daemonize) -h/--help Display usage information and exit -p/--pidfile pidfile Use pidfile file as the pidfile -s/--session Enable ConsoleKit session support If no configuration file is specified by command line arguments, udisks-glue looks for the following configuration files (in this order): 1. $HOME/.udisks-glue.conf 2. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/udisks-glue/config 3. /etc/udisks-glue.conf 4. $DIR/udisks-glue/config for each dir in $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS A configuration file must exist or otherwise udisks-glue will fail to start up.


udisks(1), udisks-glue.conf(5) udisks(7), udisks-daemon(8) UDISKS-GLUE(1)

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