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man page of uck-remaster-prepare-alternate

uck-remaster-prepare-alternate: Ubuntu Customization "alternate" images preparing script

uck-remaster-prepare-alternate - Ubuntu Customization "alternate" images preparing script
uck-remaster-prepare-alternate [remaster-dir]


uck-remaster-prepare-alternate creates the "extras" repository. This script needs to be called first before you can start adding packages in the new generated repositories.


Ubuntu Customization Kit has been written by Fabrizio Balliano <fabrizio.balliano@crealabs.it> and Krzysztof Lichota <krzysiek@lichota.net> This manual was provided by Fabrizio Balliano <fabrizio.balliano@crealabs.it> and Alessio Treglia <quadrispro@ubuntu.com>. Source code for the Ubuntu Customization Kit is available at //uck.sourceforge.net Bugs can be reported at https://bugs.launchpad.net/uck/ UCK-REMASTER-PREPARE-ALTERNATE(1)

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