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man page of ubuntu-build

ubuntu-build: command-line interface to Launchpad build operations


ubuntu-build - command-line interface to Launchpad build operations


ubuntu-build <srcpackage> <release> <operation>


ubuntu-build provides a command line interface to the Launchpad build operations. ubuntu-build uses a cookie file stored at ~/.lpcookie.txt to authenticate to Launchpad. This cookie is created on run from the Mozilla Firefox cookie file at ~/.mozilla/*/*/cookies.sqlite.
Listed below are the available operations for ubuntu-build: status Outputs the build status of the package on Launchpad on all architectures. retry Requests that the package has another attempt at rebuilding from source. This will only work if the package has Failed to build on Launchpad. rescore Requests that the package's build priority be raised in the build queue. Only members of the Launchpad build administrators may issue this operation, and it may only be performed on packages which Need building.
Listed below are the command line options for ubuntu-build: -h or --help Display a help message and exit. Retry and rescore options: These options may only be used with the 'retry' and 'rescore' operations. -a ARCHITECTURE, --arch=ARCHITECTURE Rebuild or rescore a specific architecture. Valid architectures include: amd64, sparc, powerpc, i386, armel, ia64, lpia, hppa. Batch processing: These options and parameter ordering is only available in --batch mode. Usage: ubuntu-build --batch [options] <package>... --batch Enable batch mode --series=SERIES Selects the Ubuntu series to operate on (default: current development series) --retry Retry builds (give-back). --rescore=PRIORITY Rescore builds to <priority>. --arch2=ARCHITECTURE Affect only 'architecture' (can be used several times). Valid architectures are: amd64, sparc, powerpc, i386, armel, ia64, lpia, hppa.


ubuntu-build was written by Martin Pitt <martin.pitt@canonical.com>, and this manual page was written by Jonathan Patrick Davies <jpds@ubuntu.com>. Both are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or (at your option) any later version. UBUNTU-BUILD(1)

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