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tao_nslist: Naming Service listing utility.

tao_nslist - Naming Service listing utility.
tao_nslist [-ORBoptions ] [OPTION ...]


tao_nslist lists the current entries in the NamingService; in a nicely formatted manner. When invoked without arguments tao_nslist displays the contents of the default NamingService, including the protocol and endpoint of each object reference. tao_nslist requires a running NamingService.


-ORBoptions The program follows the usual TAO ORB command line syntax. See TAO_ORB_Options(1). --nsior Display the naming service IOR and exit. This can be used to locate the TAO NameService for non-TAO applications and excludes using any other options. --ns IOR Use given IOR for NamingService. --ior Print the contents of the NamingService, including the IOR of each reference entry and the IOR of the NameService itself. --ctxior Print additionally the IORs of any subcontexts found within NamingService. --tree character Print tree of object registered in NamingService using character for drawing tramlines, defaults to "|" . --node character Print tree of object registered in NamingService using character for drawing nodes, defaults to "+" . --noloops Inhibit drawing of naming context loops. --name name Lists sub-set of name, defaults to root. --ctxsep character Set context separation character, defaults to "/". --kindsep character Set ID/Kind separation character, defaults to ".". --max number Set limit of displayed sub-context depth to number. --rtt seconds Set the relative round trip timeout policy to seconds.


TAO_ORB_Options(1), tao_cosnaming(1), tao_nsadd(1), tao_nsdel(1)


Thomas Lockhart<Thomas.Lockhart@jpl.nasa.gov> Simon Massey <sma@prismtech.com> TAO_NSLIST(1)

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