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man page of rbuic4

rbuic4: Qt/Ruby user interface compiler.

rbuic4 - Qt/Ruby user interface compiler.


rbuic4 [options] uifile


rbuic4 compiles user interface files (.ui) into ruby code.


-h, -help display a short help and exit -v, -version display version -d, -dependencies display the dependencies -o file place the output into file -trfunc use func() for i18n -p, -no-protection disable header protection (most probably useless for Ruby) -g name change generator -x generate extra code to test the class


rbuic4 is based on the uic program from the Qt distribution. This manual page was written by Vincent Fourmond for the Debian project, but may be used by others. Qt4-qtruby from kdebindings 4.1 bOctober 2006 RBUIC4(1)

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