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man page of rasm

rasm: Radare patch assembler

rasm - Radare patch assembler
rasm [-elvV] [-f file] [-d bytes] [-s offset] [-a arch] [opcode]


Instruction assembler for multiple architectures for easily and fast writing patch opcodes You can get the list of the supported opcodes with the '-l' flag. -v Enable debug output -f file Compile assembly output from file -d bytes Disasemble bytes -e Use big endian -s offset Setup an offset to change the base address for the relative jumps -a arch Set a different architecture (x86, ppc, arm, java) -h Show usage help message.


call [addr] call to address jmp [addr] perform a relative or absolute jump jz [addr] conditional jump (jump if result is zero) jnz [addr] conditional jump (jump if result is not zero) trap Trap instruction (breakpoint) nop Nop instruction push [arg] Push a number or register into the stack pop [arg] Pop a value from stack and store it in register arg int [num] Call the kernel using an interrupt or syscall ret return from subroutine ret0 return 0 from subroutine hang perform an infinite loop (hang on) mov [dst], [src] moves an inmediate to a register


radiff(1), hasher(1), radare(1), radarerc(5), rabin(1), rfile(1), xc(1), rsc(1), rasc(1), xrefs(1)


pancake <@youterm.com> RASM(1)

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