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radeapclient: send EAP packets to a RADIUS server, calculate responses

radeapclient - send EAP packets to a RADIUS server, calculate responses


radeapclient [-d raddb_directory] [-f file] [-i source_ip] [-xy] server {acct|auth} secret


radeapclient is a radius client program. It can send arbitrary radius packets to a radius server, then shows the reply. Radeapclient differs from radclient in that if there is an EAP-MD5 challenge, then it will be responded to. radeapclient is otherwise identical to radclient. The EAP-Identity attribute, if present is used to construct an EAP Identity message. The EAP-MD5-Password attribute, if present is used to respond to an MD5 challenge. No other EAP types are currently supported.


A sample session that queries the remote server with an EAP-MD5 challenge. ( echo 'User-Name = "bob"'; echo 'EAP-MD5-Password = "hello"'; echo 'NAS-IP-Address = marajade.sandelman.ottawa.on.c'; echo 'EAP-Code = Response'; echo 'EAP-Id = 210'; echo 'EAP-Type-Identity = "bob"; echo 'Message-Authenticator = 0x00'; echo 'NAS-Port = 0' ) >req.txt radeapclient -x localhost auth testing123 <req.txt


Michael Richardson, <mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca> 08 September 2003 RADEAPCLIENT(1)

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