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man page of rabbitvcs

rabbitvcs: Integrated version control for Nautilus


rabbitvcs - Integrated version control for Nautilus


rabbitvcs <module> [path1] [path2] ...
rabbitvcs provides integrated support for various version control version systems in the Nautilus file manager (currently only subversion). This command opens a new nautilus window and applies the given VCS command.
module The VCS command to invoke. Available modules are: about, add, blame, checkout, cleanup, commit, create, delete, export, ignore, import, lock, log, merge, properties, relocate, rename, resolve, revert, settings, switch, unlock, update, updateto path The file(s) or directory(-ies) to apply the action to.


nautilus(1) , svn(1) May 25, 2009 RABBITVCS(1)

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