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rabbit: presentation tool using RD, simple text format


rabbit - presentation tool using RD, simple text format
rabbit [options] [SOURCE_INFOS]
Theme -I, --include=PATH Add [PATH] to load path. -t, --theme=THEME Use [THEME] as theme. (default) Source -T, --type=TYPE Specify source type as [TYPE]. Select from [memory, rwiki, argf, slideshare, uri, file]. Note: case insensitive. (File) (ARGV: if no filename is given) When select Memory specify [FILENAME_OR_NOT] as [SOURCE_INFOS]. When select RWiki specify [RWIKI_SOAP_IF_URI] and [PAGE_NAME] as [SOURCE_INFOS]. When select ARGF specify none (get from STDIN) or [FILE_NAMES] as [SOURCE_INFOS]. When select SlideShare specify [USER] and [TITLE] as [SOURCE_INFOS]. When select URI specify URI as [SOURCE_INFOS]. When select File specify [FILENAME] as [SOURCE_INFOS]. -e, --encoding=ENCODING Specify source encoding as [ENCODING]. (auto) -B, --base=BASE Specify base URI or path of source as [BASE]. (auto) Initial state -f, --[no-]full-screen Toggle full screen mode. (off) --[no-]index-mode Toggle index mode. (off) Size -g, --geometry=GEOMETRY Set window geometry [GEOMETRY]. Format: WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y (nil) -w, --width=WIDTH Set window width to [WIDTH]. (800) -h, --height=HEIGHT Set window height to [HEIGHT]. (600) -S, --size=WIDTH,HEIGHT Set window width and height to [WIDTH] and [HEIGHT]. (800,600) Save -s, --save-as-image Save as image and exit. -i, --saved-image-type=TYPE Specify saved image type as [TYPE]. (png) -b=BASE_NAME Specify saved image base name as [BASE_NAME]. --saved-image-base-name (Title of slide) --saved-image-basename --[no-]output-html Output HTML for viewing saved images. (false) --[no-]output-index-html Output index HTML for navigating slides. (false) --rss-base-uri=URI Specify base URI of RSS as [URI]. RSS is generated only when HTML is output. () --source-filename=FILENAME Specify source filenam as [FILENAME]. () Print -p, --print Print and exit. -o, --output-filename=FILENAME Specify printed out filename as [FILENAME]. (#{Title of slide}.pdf) --slides-per-page=SLIDES Set slides per page. (1) --[no-]draw-scaled-image Draw scaled image. Better look for displaying but lesser look for printing. (true) Paper --paper-width=WIDTH Set paper width to [WIDTH] Pt. (landscape A4 width) --paper-height=HEIGHT Set paper height to [HEIGHT] Pt. (landscape A4 height) --paper-size=WIDTH,HEIGHT Set paper width and height to [WIDTH] Pt and [HEIGHT] Pt. (landscape A4 size) Margin --margin-left=MARGIN Set left margin for slides per page mode print. (auto) --margin-right=MARGIN Set right margin for slides per page mode print. (auto) --margin-top=MARGIN Set top margin for slides per page mode print. (auto) --margin-bottom=MARGIN Set bottom margin for slides per page mode print. (auto) --margin={[ALL] | [TOP_BOTTOM],[LEFT_RIGHT] | [TOP],[LEFT_RIGHT],[BOTTOM] | [TOP],[RIGHT],[BOTTOM],[LEFT]} Set margin for slides per page mode print. --page-margin-left=MARGIN Set left page margin. (auto) --page-margin-right=MARGIN Set right page margin. (auto) --page-margin-top=MARGIN Set top page margin. (auto) --page-margin-bottom=MARGIN Set bottom page margin. (auto) --page-margin={[ALL]|[TOP_BOTTOM],[LEFT_RIGHT]|[TOP],[LEFT_RIGHT],[BOTTOM]|[TOP],[RIGHT],[BOTTOM],[LEFT]} Set page margin. dRuby --[no-]use-druby Specify whether to use dRuby. (true) --druby-uri=URI Specify dRuby URI. (druby://:10101) --[no-]output-druby-uri Specify whether to output dRuby URI. (false) SOAP --[no-]use-soap Specify whether to use SOAP. (false) --soap-host=HOST Specify SOAP host as [HOST]. ( --soap-port=PORT Specify SOAP port as [PORT]. (10103) XML-RPC --[no-]use-xmlrpc Specify whether to use XML-RPC. (false) --xmlrpc-host=HOST Specify XML-RPC host as [HOST]. ( --xmlrpc-port=PORT Specify XML-RPC port as [PORT]. (10104) Server --[no-]server Specify whether to run as server. (false) Public level --public-level=LEVEL Specify public level. Select from the following: [ strict, move, read-size, change-size, size, read-source, change-source, source, control, all ] (strict) Comment --comment-source=FILE Specify initial comment source. (default source) --comment-encoding=ENCODING Specify comment source encoding. (auto) Migemo --migemo-dictionary-search-path=PATH1,PATH2,... Specify search paths for Migemo static dictionary. (/usr/share, /usr/local/share) --migemo-dictionary-name=NAME Specify static dictionary name for Migemo. (migemo-dict) 3D --[no-]use-gl Specify whether to use OpenGL if available. (false) Display --[no-]keep-above Specify whether to keep above window. (false) Others --[no-]show-native-window-id Show a native window ID of the Rabbit window if available. e.g. The ID is the ID of X resource on X window system. (false) Common options --locale-dir=DIR Specify locale dir as [DIR]. (auto) --logger-type=TYPE Specify logger type as [TYPE]. Select from [stderr, gui]. (STDERR) --log-level=LEVEL Specify log level as [LEVEL]. Select from [debug, info, warning, error, fatal, unknown]. (info) --help Show this message. --version Show version. RABBIT(1)

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