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r.surf.fractal: Creates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension.


r.surf.fractal - Creates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension.


raster, DEM, fractal
r.surf.fractal r.surf.fractal help r.surf.fractal output=name [dimension=float] [number=integer] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: --overwrite Allow output files to overwrite existing files --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: output=name Name for output raster map dimension=float Fractal dimension of surface (2 < D < 3) Default: 2.05 number=integer Number of intermediate images to produce Default: 0
r.surf.fractal creates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension. Uses spectral synthesis method. Can create intermediate layers showing the build up of different spectral coefficients (see Saupe, pp.106-107 for an example of this). Use this module to generate naturally looking synthetical elevation models (DEM).


This module requires the FFTW library for computing Discrete Fourier Transforms.


Saupe, D. (1988) Algorithms for random fractals, in Barnsley M., Devaney R., Mandelbrot B., Peitgen, H-O., Saupe D., and Voss R. (1988) The Science of Fractal Images, Ch. 2, pp.71-136. London: Springer- Verlag.


r.surf.contour, r.surf.idw, r.surf.gauss, r.surf.random, r.surf.idw2, v.surf.idw, v.surf.rst


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