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r.regression.line: Calculates linear regression from two raster maps: y = a + b*x

r.regression.line - Calculates linear regression from two raster maps: y = a + b*x


raster, statistics


r.regression.line r.regression.line help r.regression.line [-gs] map1=string map2=string [output=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -g Print in shell script style -s Slower but accurate (applies to FP maps only) --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map1=string Map for x coefficient map2=string Map for y coefficient output=string ASCII file for storing regression coefficients (output to screen if file not specified).


r.regression.line Calculates linear regression from two raster maps, according to the formula y = a + b*x, where x and y represent raster maps. Optionally saves regression coefficients to an ASCII file. The result includes the following coefficients: offset/intercept (a) and gain/slope (b), residuals (R), number of elements (N), means (medX, medY), standard deviations (sdX, sdY), and the F test for testing the significance of the regression model as a whole (F).


The flag -s select the slower method (applies to FP maps only) which writes out all pixel values individually to the temporary file. The results for offset/intercept (a) and gain/slope (b) are then identical to that obtained from R-stats's lm() function.
Comparison of the old and the new DEM in Spearfish: g.region rast=elevation.10m -p r.regression.line map1=elevation.dem map2=elevation.10m Using the script style flag AND eval to make results available in the shell: g.region rast=elevation.10m -p eval 'r.regression.line -g map1=elevation.dem map2=elevation.10m' echo $a 479.615 echo $b 0.645631 echo $R 0.804441
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