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r.region: Sets the boundary definitions for a raster map.


r.region - Sets the boundary definitions for a raster map.
r.region r.region help r.region [-cd] map=name [region=name] [raster=name] [vector=name] [3dview=name] [n=value] [s=value] [e=value] [w=value] [align=name] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -c Set from current region -d Set from default region --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=name Raster map to change region=name Set region from named region raster=name Set region to match this raster map vector=name Set region to match this vector map 3dview=name Set region to match this 3dview file n=value Value for the northern edge (format dd:mm:ss{N|S}) s=value Value for the southern edge (format dd:mm:ss{N|S}) e=value Value for the eastern edge (format ddd:mm:ss{E|W}) w=value Value for the western edge (format ddd:mm:ss{E|W}) align=name Raster map to align to


The r.region program allows the user to manage the boundaries of a raster map. These boundaries can be set by the user directly and/or set from a region definition file (stored under the windows directory in the user's current mapset), a raster or vector map, or a 3dview file. The align parameter allows to set the current resolution equal to that of the named raster map, and align the boundaries to a row and column edge in the named map. Alignment only moves the existing boundaries outward to the edges of the next nearest cell in the named raster map -- not to the named map's edges. To perform the latter function, use the raster=name option.


After all updates have been applied, the raster map's resolution settings are recomputed from the boundaries and the number of rows and columns in the raster map. The n=value may also be specified as a function of its current value: n=n+value increases the current northing, while n=n-value decreases it. This is also true for s=value, e=value, and w=value.


Assign absolute coordinates to map: r.region map=mymap n=220750 s=220000 w=638300 e=639000 Shift map (using offset, here by 100 map units in two directions): r.region map=mymap n=n+100 e=e+100 w=w+100 s=s+100


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