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r.out.xyz: Export a raster map to a text file as x,y,z values based on cell centers.


r.out.xyz - Export a raster map to a text file as x,y,z values based on cell centers.


raster, export


r.out.xyz r.out.xyz help r.out.xyz input=name [output=name] [fs=character] [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: input=name Name of input raster map output=name Name for output file (if omitted or "-" output to stdout) fs=character Field separator Default: |


The r.out.xyz module will export a raster map as a list of x,y,z values into an ASCII text file. (GRASS Shell Script)
This module will not export x,y coordinates for raster cells containing a NULL value. This includes cells masked by a raster MASK. This module, as all GRASS raster modules, will export cells based on the current region settings. See the g.region module for details. The r.out.ascii module should be used to export an array (of size row x column) containing z values. r.out.xyz is simply a front-end to "r.stats -1gn".
Implement this script as a r.out.ascii option?


g.region, r.mask r.out.ascii, r.stats


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