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r.out.ascii: Converts a raster map layer into an ASCII text file.

r.out.ascii - Converts a raster map layer into an ASCII text file.


raster, export


r.out.ascii r.out.ascii help r.out.ascii [-hsmi] input=string [output=string] [dp=integer] [width=integer] [null=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -h Suppress printing of header information -s Write SURFER (Golden Software) ASCII grid -m Write MODFLOW (USGS) ASCII array -i Force output of integer values --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: input=string Name of an existing raster map output=string Name for output ASCII grid map (use out=- for stdout) dp=integer Number of significant digits (floating point only) width=integer Number of values printed before wrapping a line (only SURFER or MODFLOW format) null=string String to represent null cell (GRASS grid only) Default: *


r.out.ascii converts a user-specified raster map layer (input=name) into an ASCII grid in a text file (output=name) suitable for export to other computer systems. The GRASS program r.in.ascii can be used to perform the reverse function, converting an ASCII file in suitable format to GRASS raster map format. To write a SURFER .grd ASCII GRID file (with reverted row order and different header) use the -s flag: r.out.ascii -s input=inname output=outname.grd [dp=value] NULL data are coded to "1.70141e+038" for SURFER ASCII GRID files (ignoring the null= parameter).


The output from r.out.ascii may be placed into a file by using the UNIX redirection mechanism; e.g.: r.out.ascii input=soils output=- > out.file The output file out.file can then be printed or copied onto a CDROM or floppy disk for export purposes. To export the raster values as x,y,z values of cell centers (one per line) use the r.out.xyz module.
r.in.ascii, r.in.arc, r.out.bin, r.out.gdal, r.out.xyz
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