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r.colors.stddev: Set color rules based on stddev from a map's mean value.

r.colors.stddev - Set color rules based on stddev from a map's mean value.


raster, color table


r.colors.stddev r.colors.stddev help r.colors.stddev [-bz] input=name [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -b Color using standard deviation bands -z Force center at zero --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: input=name Name of input raster map


r.colors.stddev set raster map color rules based on standard deviations from a map's mean value, either as a continuous color gradient or in color bands per standard deviation from the mean. With the color band option values less that 1 S.D. from the mean are colored green, within 1-2 S.D. are colored yellow, within 2-3 S.D. are colored red, and beyond 3 S.D. are colored black. For a differences map there is an option to lock the center of the color table at zero. Values more than two S.D. below the mean will be colored blue; values below the mean but less than 2 S.D. away will transition to white, and above the mean the colors will simularly transition to full red at +2 S.D.


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