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r.category: Manages category values and labels associated with user


r.category - Manages category values and labels associated with user- specified raster map layers.


r.category r.category help r.category map=name [cats=range[,range,...]] [vals=float[,float,...]] [fs=character|space|tab] [raster=name] [rules=name] [format=string] [coefficients=mult1,offset1,mult2,offset2] [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: map=name Name of input raster map cats=range[,range,...] Category values Example: 1,3,7-9,13 vals=float[,float,...] Comma separated value list Example: 1.4,3.8,13 fs=character|space|tab Output field separator Default: tab raster=name Raster map from which to copy category table rules=name File containing category label rules (or "-" to read from stdin) format=string Default label or format string for dynamic labeling Used when no explicit label exists for the category coefficients=mult1,offset1,mult2,offset2 Dynamic label coefficients Two pairs of category multiplier and offsets, for $1 and $2 Full index (C) 2003-2010 GRASS Development Team R.CATEGORY(1)

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