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qsub: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format


qsub - submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format


qsub [-a date_time] [-A account_string] [-b secs] [-C directive_prefix] [-e path] [-I] [-l resource_list] [-m mail_options] [-M user_list] [-N name] [-o path] [-p priority] [-q destination] [-W additional_attributes] [-h] [script]


The qsub command displays information about nodes. It is aimed to be feature-compatible with PBS' qsub.


-a Display information for all nodes. This is the default if no node name is specified. -I Interactive execution. -j join It is not necessary (currently also not possible) since stderr/stdout are always joined. -v [variable_list] Exporting single variables via -v is not supported, since the entire login environment is exported by the default. -V The -V option to export the current environment is not required since it is done by default. -? | --help brief help message --man full documentation QSUB(1)

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