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qmtest: access QMTest's functionality from the command line.


qmtest - access qmtest's functionality from the command line.


qmtest [ option ... ] command [ command-option ... ] [ argument ... ]


qmtest QMTest is an general-purpose, cross-platform software testing tool. QMTest can be used to test compilers, databases, graphical user interfaces, or embedded systems. QMTest provides a convenient graphical user interface for creating, managing, and executing tests, provides support for parallel test execution, and can be extended in a variety of ways. This tool offers access to the tool's functionality from the command line.
-h, --help Display usage summary. --version Display version information. -D, --tdb PATH Path to the test database.
create-target Create (or update) a target specification. create-tdb Create a new test database. gui Start the QMTest GUI. extensions List extension classes. help Display usage summary. register Register an extension class. remote Run QMTest as a remote server. run Run one or more tests. summarize Summarize results from a test run. Invoke "qmtest COMMAND --help" for information about command-options and arguments.


This manual page may be out of date, it should be generated from the XML manual.


The complete qmtest documentation is provided in HTML and PDF formats in /usr/share/doc/qm/test. QMTEST(1)

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