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qemuctl: Graphical control for qemu

qemuctl - Graphical control for qemu


qemuctl [-suspend-dir <dir>] [-suspend-file <filename>] [-qemu <qemu>] [-nowakeup] qemu-options


qemuctl is a gui that controls a qemu process with the built-in monitor of qemu. So you can change devices, suspend machines, save screenshots, ... If you suspend a machine it will do the following macro: stop screendump "suspend-dir/suspend-file.ppm" savevm "suspend-dir/suspend-file.vm" commit quit You can afterwards resume the machine with: qemuctl -suspend-dir suspend-dir -suspend-file suspend-file your_qemu_options the suspend-files will then be deleted or qemuctl -loadvm suspend-dir/suspend-file.vm your_qemu_options Be aware that you can't use the "-monitor" option with qemuctl, because it needs the control over the monitor. The option "-serial stdio" can't be used, too.


-suspend-file <filename> This option is normaly used by qemuctl to support suspend and wakeup. qemuctl can then find the vm-state-file in its folders and wakeup the virtual machine. If the file is there the qemuctl waes up the virtual machine and deletes the file afterwards. On suspend the vm-state-file is then stored as the <filename> with the .vm ending and the screenshot is stored as the <filename> with the .ppm ending. Default filename is "suspend". -suspend-dir <dir> This is the dir where the suspend files would be stored or expected. Default is current dir. -nowakeup Don't wake up even if the vm-file is there. Suspend still works. Default is to wake up using the vm-file if it is there. -qemu <qemu> The qemu variation to use. It can be qemu or kvm. Default is qemu. qemu-options Use qemu-options for the launch of qemu. See qemu(1) for further details.


To use the suspend file 'Debian 3.1' and store/search it in the '/qemu' dir: qemuctl -suspend-file "Debian 3.1" -suspend-dir "/qemu" -boot c -hda hda.raw Alternativly you can run it with default suspend filenames: qemuctl -boot c -hda hda.raw


Peter Rustler


qemu(1) qemu-launcher(1) QEMUCTL(1)

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