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man page of qcset

qcset: Logitech QuickCam driver configurator


qcset - Logitech QuickCam driver configurator


qcset [device] [options] [module_parameters]


qcset is a tool for manipulating the registrers of the Logitech QuickCam camera, and the kernel module parameters. It operates on /dev/video0 by default, but you can specify a different device as a first argument.
The val values should be between 0...65535 inclusive, 32768 is the default. -h Display this help -i Display camera information -r Display all known registers of camera -a Display all (including empty) registers of camera -b val Set brightness (camera exposure time) -u val Set hue (not supported with all sensors) -o val Set color strength (increase when setting hue) -c val Set contrast (camera gain) -w val Set whiteness (image sharpness when quality=best) -s r Settings read (from STDIN) -s w Settings write (to STDOUT) -g v Enable gamma correction with the given gamma value -g rg:gg:bg Specify different gamma value for each color channel -g rg:gg:bg:rw:gw:bw Specify also white balance (0.55:0.55:0.55:1.0:1.0:1.0) -g + Enable software lookup-table -e + Same as '-g +' -g - Disable software lookup-table -e - Same as '-g -' -g '?' Display software lookup-table status and contents -e '?' Same as '-g '?'' -e filename.ppm Generate static equalization based on image in given raw PNM/PPM file.
Module parameters are modified and queried using the following syntax: parameter=value parameter? The values are integers or a list of symbolic names separated by commas. This is the list of possible parameters and its symbolic values: debug user, camera, init, logic, errors, adaptation, controlurbs, bitstream, interrupts, mutex, common, frame, all qcdebug user, camera, init, logic, errors, adaptation, controlurbs, bitstream, interrupts, mutex, common, frame, all keepsettings y, n settle number subsample y, n compress y, n frameskip number quality fastest, good, horizontal, bilinear, better, best adaptive y, n equalize y, n userlut y, n retryerrors y, n compatible 16x, dblbuf, torgb video_nr number


qcset was written by Tuukka Toivonen <tuukkat@ee.oulu.fi>. This manual page was written by Martin Ferrari <martin.ferrari@gmail.com> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). QCSET(1)

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