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man page of parrot-nqp

parrot-nqp: A Not Quite Perl compiler for Parrot


parrot-nqp - A Not Quite Perl compiler for Parrot
"Not Quite Perl" (NQP) is a compiler for quickly generating PIR routines from Perl6-like code. The key feature of NQP is that it's designed to be a very small compiler and is focused on being a high- level way to create transformers for Parrot (especially hll compilers).
parrot-nqp [-options] <file>


--encoding Specify the encoding of the input file. -h, --help Print a summary of command-line options. -o outputfile, --output=outputfile Specify a filename for the resulting compiled code. -v, --version Display the version of Parrot used to build the compiler. PARROT-NQP(1)

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