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man page of parole

parole: Gstreamer-based media player


parole - Gstreamer-based media player


Usage: parole [OPTION...] Help Options: -h, --help Show help options --help-all Show all help options --help-gst Show GStreamer Options --help-gtk Show GTK+ Options Application Options: -i, --new-instance Open a new instance -n, --no-plugins Do not load plugins --device Set Audio-CD/VCD/DVD device path -p, --play Play or pause if already playing -s, --stop Stop playing -N, --next-track Next track -P, --previous-track Previous track -f, --seek-f Seek forward -b, --seek-b Seek Backward -r, --raise-volume Raise volume -l, --lower-volume Lower volume -m, --mute Mute volume -V, --version Version information --xv Enabled/Disable XV support --display=DISPLAY X display to use


Report bugs to //bugs.debian.org
Copyright (C) 2009 Ali This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. PAROLE(1)

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