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pagesjaunes: Lookup phones numbers from www.pagesjaunes.fr

pagesjaunes - Lookup phones numbers from www.pagesjaunes.fr


pagesjaunes [options ...] Options: -activite -business : Business type -nom -name : Name -prenom -firstname : First name -localite -town : Town -departement -district : Dept district or Region -useragent : String to be passed as User-Agent header (this may be needed to bypass user-agent detection) -fast : Submit the request directly without querying the form -separator : Character used to separate the fields (default '\t') -limit : Maximum number of results returned -english : Use the pagesjaunes.fr english interface -quiet : Turn off error messages display -help : Brief help message -man : Full documentation -version : Display version number You must provide the localite/town option, and either activite/business or nom/name option. The prenom/firstname option is ignored if the localite/town option is set.


-activite or -business Activity or business type you're looking for. This is a mandatory switch if you don't specify the -name or -nom switches. -nom or -name Name of the person or company you're looking for. Note that the search is done with a fuzzy match. -prenom or -firstname First name of the person you're looking for. This option is ignored if the -activite or -business are set. -adresse or -address Address of the person you're searching for. -localite or -town Name of the town. -department or -district Department district or Region you're searching in. -separator Character used to separate fields in the result set. Default is a tabulation character. -useragent The default user-agent string passed to the www.pagesjaunes.fr site is ""WWW::Search::Pagesjaunes/x.xx" where x.xx is the version of the module. Sometimes, it is needed to change it to other user-agent strings. -limit Maximum number of entries returned. Default is 50. If you set it to 0 or a negative number, it will return all the entries found. -english Use the english interface of pagesjaunes.fr. This means that you can enter business types in english (i.e. 'plumber' instead of 'plombier'), and error messages will be displayed in english. -quiet No error messages are printed when this switch is on -help Print a brief help message and exits. -man Prints the manual page and exits. -version Prints the version of the script and exits.


This script provides name, phone number and addresses of French telephone subscribers by using the //www.pagesjaunes.fr directory and the WWW::Search::Pagesjaunes module.


Please read the Publisher information of <//www.pagesjaunes.fr> available at the following URL: <//www.pagesjaunes.fr/pj.cgi?html-=commun/avertissement.html&lang=en> This script is Copyright (C) 2002, Briac Pilpre This script is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
Briac Pilpre <briac@cpan.org> PAGESJAUNES(1)

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