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pactester: Tool to test proxy auto-config (pac) files.


pactester - Tool to test proxy auto-config (pac) files.


pactester <-p pacfile> <-u url> [-h host] [-c client_ip] [-e] pactester <-p pacfile> <-f urlslist> [-c client_ip] [-e]


pactester is a tool to test proxy auto-config (pac) files. It uses pacparser library to parse pac files and return proxy string for the specified URL.


-p pacfile PAC file to test. -u url URL to test PAC file for. -h host Host part of the URL. If not specified, it's determined from the URL. -c client_ip Client's IP address (as returned by the function myIpAddress() in PAC files). If not specified, it defaults to the IP address of the machine on which it is running. -e Enable Microsoft PAC extensions (dnsResolveEx, myIpAddressEx, isResolvableEx). -f urlslist A file containing list of URLs to be tested. This is good for testing a PAC file against a set of URLs.
To find out proxy string as returned by pac file wpad.dat for the URL //www.google.com: $ pactester -p wpad.dat -u //www.google.com For a client with IP address $ pactester -p wpad.dat -c -u //www.google.com To find out proxy string for a list of urls specified in /tmp/urls: $ pactester -p wpad.dat -f /tmp/urls
If you have come across a bug in pactester, please submit a bug report at //code.google.com/p/pacparser/issues/list.


Written by Manu Garg (//www.manugarg.com).


More information about this version of pactester and pacparser library can be found at pacparser homepage: //code.google.com/p/pacparser. PACTESTER(1)

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