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p3nfsd: NFS-like daemon for Psion 3-series handhelds


p3nfsd - NFS-like daemon for Psion 3-series handhelds
p3nfsd [-dir directory] [-user username] [-tty ser-dev] [-speed baudrate] [-conn prog] [-disconn prog] [-wakeup] [-v] [-shell prog] [-oldnfsc] [-series5] [-]
p3nfsd lets you mount the Psion drives on your Unix workstation over a serial cable. You can access all the files from the Psion with the usual commands like tar, cp, vi and co.


/psion/mnt/* mounted files.


nfs(5), tar(1).


Please close all open files before doing a backup, as the files are opened exclusively by most programs (not nfsc.opl) and so they can't be read by anybody else. p3nfsd runs as root since it uses the mount(2) system call.


p3nfsd is not really an NFS daemon. You can't mount the Psion from another workstation, only from the one, where it is attached to via the serial cable. I used NFS, beause it is a portable way to capture filesystem operations in a program. The daemon talks to the OPL or C program on the Psion through a simple protocol.
Rudolf Konig (rfkoenig@immd4.informatik.uni-erlangen.de). Linux port by Jurgen Weigert, with help from Lee McLoughlin and others. P3NFSD(1)

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