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man page of onevm

onevm: create/modifiy/delete OpenNebula Virtual machines


onevm - create/modifiy/delete OpenNebula Virtual machines


onevm [<options>] <command> [<parameters>]
-l, --list x,y,z Selects columns to display with list command --list-columns Information about the columns available to display, order or filter -o, --order x,y,z Order by these columns, column starting with - means decreasing order -f, --filter x,y,z Filter data. An array is specified with column=value pairs. -d, --delay seconds Sets the delay in seconds for top command -v, --verbose Tells more information if the command is successful -x, --xml Returns xml instead of human readable text -h, --help Shows this help message --version Shows version and copyright information
* create (Submits a new virtual machine, adding it to the ONE VM pool) onevm create <template> template is a file name where the VM description is located * deploy (Start a previously submitted VM in an specific host) onevm deploy <vm_id> <host_id> * shutdown (Shutdown an already deployed VM) onevm shutdown <vm_id> * livemigrate (Migrates a running VM to another host without downtime) onevm livemigrate <vm_id> <host_id> * migrate (Saves a running VM and starts it again in the specified host) onevm migrate <vm_id> <host_id> * hold (Sets a VM to hold state, scheduler will not deploy it) onevm hold <vm_id> * release (Releases a VM from hold state) onevm release <vm_id> * stop (Stops a running VM) onevm stop <vm_id> * cancel (Cancels a running VM) onevm cancel <vm_id> * suspend (Saves a running VM) onevm suspend <vm_id> * resume (Resumes the execution of a saved VM) onevm resume <vm_id> * delete (Deletes a VM from the pool and DB) onevm delete <vm_id> * restart (Resubmits the VM after failure) onevm restart <vm_id> * list (Shows VMs in the pool) onevm list <filter_flag> where filter_flag can be a, all --> all the known VMs m, mine --> the VMs belonging to the user in ONE_AUTH uid --> VMs of the user identified by this uid user--> VMs of the user identified by the username * show (Gets information about a specific VM) onevm show <vm_id> * top (Lists VMs continuously) onevm top * history (Gets history from VMs) onevm history [<vm_id> <vm_id> ...] if no vm_id is provided it will list history for all known VMs


OpenNebula is Copyright 2002-2010, Distributed Systems Architecture Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (dsa-research.org)


This manual page was written by Damien Raude-Morvan <drazzib@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). ONEVM(1)

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