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oidua: audio file metadata lister


oidua - audio file metadata lister


oidua [options] directory [...]
lists meta data of audio files. What information and how it is presented is customizable. It is possible to format output in csv, html, xml or for human beings.
-B, --bg COLOR Set HTML background color -D, --date Display datestamp header --debug Output debug trace to stderr -e, --exclude DIRECTORY Exclude directory from search -f, --file FILE write output to file -h, --help Display help message -H, --html HTML output --ignore-bad Don't list files that cause Audiotype failure -i, --ignore-case Case-insensitive directory sorting -I, --indent N Set indent to N -m, --merge Merge identical directories Basedirs with identical names are merged. This Means that all their subdirs are considered being subdirs of a single directory, and therefore sorted and displayed together. If there are duplicate names among the subdirs then those are also merged. -o, --output STRING Set output format to STRING Anything enclosed by brackets is considered a field. A field must have the following syntax: [TAG] [TAG,WIDTH] [TAG,WIDTH,SUFFIX] [TAG,SUFFIX] TAG is any of the following characters: a list of bitrates in Audiolist compatible format b bitrate with suffix (i.e. 192k) B bitrate in bps d depth; distance from respective basedir f number of audio files (including spacers) l length in minutes and seconds L length in seconds m time of last change M time of last change in seconds since the epoch n directory name (indented) N directory name p profile P full path q quality s size with suffix (i.e. 65.4M) S size in bytes t file type T bitrate type: ~ mixed files C constant bitrate L lossless compression V variable bitrate WIDTH defines the exact width of the field. The output is cropped to this width if needed. Negative values will give left aligned output. Cropping is always done on the right. SUFFIX lets you specify a unit to be concatenated to all non-empty data. Other interpreted sequences are: \[ [ \] ] \n new line \t tab character Unescaped brackets are forbidden unless they define a field. Note: If you have any whitespace in your output string you must put it inside quotes or otherwise it will not get parsed right. -q, --quiet Omit progress indication -s, --strip Strip output of field headers and empty directories -S, --stats Display statistics results -t, --time Display elapsed time footer -T, --text COLOR Set HTML text color -V, --version Display version -w, --wildcards Expand wildcards in basedirs


Report bugs to Sylvester Johansson <sylvestor@telia.com>




oidua was written by Sylvester Johansson and Mattias Paeivaerinta This manual page was written by Erik Wenzel <erik@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). May 15, 2007 OIDUA(1)

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