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man page of odf2xliff

odf2xliff: convert OpenDocument (ODF) files to XLIFF localization files

odf2xliff - convert OpenDocument (ODF) files to XLIFF localization files
odf2xliff [--version] [-h|--help] [--manpage] [--progress PROGRESS] [--errorlevel ERRORLEVEL] [-i|--input] INPUT [-x|--exclude EXCLUDE] [-o|--output] OUTPUT [--engine]


--version show program's version number and exit -h/--help show this help message and exit --manpage output a manpage based on the help --progress show progress as: dots, none, bar, names, verbose --errorlevel show errorlevel as: none, message, exception, traceback -i/--input read from INPUT in oth, oti, ots, odp, ods, odt, otf, otg, odi, odm, sxw, otp, otc, odc, ott, odf, odg formats -x/--exclude exclude names matching EXCLUDE from input paths -o/--output write to OUTPUT in xlf format --engine Choose whether itools (--engine=itools) or the translate toolkit (--engine=toolkit) should be used as the engine to convert an ODF file to an XLIFF file. Translate Toolkit 1.7.0 ODF2XLIFF(1)

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