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man page of od-tkdesk

od-tkdesk: remotely open a directory using TkDesk

od-tkdesk - remotely open a directory using TkDesk
od-tkdesk [ directory ]


If invoked with no argument, od-tkdesk will open a new TkDesk file browser or list window displaying the contents of the current working directory. Whether a browser or list window will be opened is determined by the menu entry "Always In Browser" in TkDesk's "Options" menu. If directory is given to od-tkdesk, its contents will be displayed in a new TkDesk window. Od-tkdesk communicates with TkDesk through a TCP/IP server that needs to be started from within TkDesk using the menu entry "TkDesk Server" from TkDesk's "Options" menu.


directory The directory whose contents is to be displayed.


tkdeskclient Usually in "/usr/local/bin", this program is used to perform the actual communication with TkDesk.


tkdesk(1), cd-tkdesk(1), ed-tkdesk(1)
Christian Bolik OD-TKDESK(1)

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