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objview: view RADIANCE object(s)


objview - view RADIANCE object(s)


objview [ -u updirection ][ rad options ] input .. objview [ -g ][ -u updirection ][ glrad options ] input ..


Objview renders a RADIANCE object interactively using rad(1) or glrad(1). This program is merely a shell script that adds some light sources to a scene then calls rad(1) or glrad(1) to make an octree and view the scene interactively. If the default up vector (+Z) is inappropriate for this object, then specify a different one using the -u option to objview. Any number of material and scene files may be given, but no in-line commands or standard input.
Greg Ward Larson
glrad(1), oconv(1), rad(1), rvu(1) OBJVIEW(1)

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