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man page of obdlogrepair

obdlogrepair: Attempt to repair a disfunctional logfile


obdlogrepair - Attempt to repair a disfunctional logfile


obdlogrepair <file>


Occasionally, log file discrepancies pop up in logs created by obdgpslogger. For example, some database formats make it possible for trips to not be ended - in those cases, no data is later output for that trip. This attempts to fix that and various other issues. Additionally, this is a tool intended for backward-compatibility usage. Log files created in the past may be incompatible with newer versions of the software. This tool will be used to move schema versions.
obdgpslogger(1), obd2kml(1), obd2csv(1), obd2gpx(1), obdgui(1), obdsim(1)
I'd suggest you back up your data before running this.


Gary "Chunky Ks" Briggs <chunky@icculus.org> OBDLOGREPAIR(1)

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